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Drug Topics Interview

Two of our members and Tyler Woods, one of Pharmacy District Managers were recently interviewed by the Managing Editor at Drug Topics. They share their experiences on service expansion. Watch the video here and how it can help you pharmacy! 

Pharmacy Times Interview

Our very own Tyler Woods talks with Pharmacy Times about the importance of partnerships within the independent pharmacy industry. Watch the video here

Member Spotlight

This month, we are spotlighting Frank Wolff and Cosentino's Food Stores. Over the past few years, they have diversified their services by adding an immunization program, 340B, and specialty medications to better serve their communities. Kuddos to Cosentino's Food Stores!

VMC Pharmacy of the Year 

Congratulations to Queen’s Price Chopper Pharmacy #7 on being named the 2021 Pharmacy of the Year.

Check out more on what sets this pharmacy apart in the video below.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: How Pharmacies Play a Key Role

Independent pharmacies play a vital part in getting the COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of Americans. Listen to AWG President and CEO David Smith discuss with VMC's VP of Pharmacy Bob Pessel about distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, and how pharmacies can help. Click here to listen now

COVID-19: Testing

VMC has collaborated with eTrueNorth to offer COVID-19 testing FREE to those individuals being tested. Tests are being performed at 34 of our pharmacy retailers.


To request a test, follow the signup and authorization process located online at


The process is simple.

  1. Print off a voucher.

  2. Find the nearest VMC retailer pharmacy and arrive at drive thru or outdoor clinic.

  3. Pharmacy will provide instructions and supervision on how to self administer the test from the comfort and protection of your vehicle.

  4. Deposit the completed test packet and receive your results online in a couple of business days.

Covid-19 Screening
COVID-19: Success Story

I received a call around 5pm Monday night that an assisted living facility was experiencing a possible COVID outbreak. The facility had reached out to owner and Pharmacist in Charge at Malden Pharmacy, Phillip Wilkins, Jr. to provide COVID tests ASAP for residents and staff. Malden Pharmacy and the local medical center are the only COVID testing sites in town; other local pharmacies weren’t offering COVID testing. The issue was that Malden Pharmacy’s testing schedule had already been filled up by other members of the community needing or wanting to be tested.


Even though it was after business hours, I immediately reached out to our COVID testing program collaborators to discuss the situation. Together we were able to gather information and form an action plan. By 9am the next morning, over 45 additional testing slots were made available. The facility had prepared the registration for all patients and staff, and were able to schedule appointments for that same day.


Not only did Malden take the initiative to help the community but also capitalized on the additional revenue by participating in COVID testing.


Independent pharmacies that do all they can for their communities using the services and programs we help provide is something I’m very proud and thankful of in this challenging year.

Wednesday 11/25/2020

Adam Salus

Pharmacy Operations Manager

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Feature: Drugstore News Panelist Bob Pessel

Industry Issues Summit panel outlines retail’s patient care efforts

December 2020

The third day of Drug Store News’ 22nd Industry Issues Summit kept the event’s momentum going with a panel on “Great Expectations: How Retail Pharmacy is Executing Patient Care.” Moderator Dave Wendland, Hamacher Resource Group’s vice president of strategic relations, guided participants through a discussion about how retail pharmacy operators have stepped up throughout the pandemic to provide necessary patient care...

...Pessel discussed the importance of implementation when working a cooperative of independents who also play a critical role in healthcare delivery. “We want our pharmacy teams to be providers of immunizations, anything at point of care,’ he said, noting that teaching and education are central to helping VMC’s members expand their practice.  “There is acceptance across the board when things are rolled out correctly and taught right. We strive to get everybody to that place.”

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