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Comprehensive & Competitive
The VMC Pharmacy Program enables retailer pharmacies to improve their positions in a competitive marketplace with an extensive offering of exceptional services and comprehensive programs. VMC Pharmacy Members gain the collective buying power of over 500 million dollars in aggregated purchases that result in low cost of goods and improved contracting leverage. With over 95 years of industry experience to help you succeed and thrive in a competitive landscape, our team shares the tools and experience to help you with your current pharmacy, open a new pharmacy or buy an existing pharmacy.
  • Independent Pharmacy Advocates

  • Over $43,822,731 in Rebates Returned to VMC Retailer Pharmacies Annually

  • NO Generic Compliance Ratio's (GCRs)

  • Preferred Vendor Discounts

  • Dedicated Support Staff

  • Industry Trend Information

  • Customized Reporting and Analysis

  • Over $500 Million Annual Purchases

Business Meeting
Customized Reporting & Financial Resources
The VMC Pharmacy Program provides financial resources by utilizing a number of customized reports.
  • Rebate Accrual Template

  • Target Inventory Template

  • Handling Fee Report

  • Override Report

  • Weekly Purchases Report

  • Returns Assessment Report

Financial Report
Preferred Vendor Programs
The VMC Pharmacy Program has collaborated with the below companies to help our retailers thrive in the healthcare world. 
  • Allison Medical

  • Anda

  • APhA

  • APMS

  • Asembia

  • Ashgrove Marketing

  • AWG Store Engineering

  • Cadre Health

  • Dexcom

  • Digi

  • Digital Pharmacist

  • eTrueNorth

  • Eyecon

  • Facts & Comparisons

  • GroceryTv

  • GRX Marketing

  • HealthMart Banner

  • Healthsource

  • InfiniTrak

  • Inmar Reconciliation

  • Inmar Returns

  • JAMSRx

  • L&T Health Systems

  • Laser Connection

  • Medical Screening Services

  • Mesmerize (formerly Respario)

  • MHC Medical

  • NHA

  • Numed

  • Nuvem Health 340B Services

  • Omnisys Profit Max

  • OpSense

  • Optum Absolute AR

  • Outcomes

  • Owen Mumford

  • PDR by Connective Rx (formerly Carepoints)

  • Pharmacists Letter

  • PharmSource

  • Physician 360

  • Prescryptive

  • Primex

  • PRS

  • QK Healthcare

  • Relay Health

  • Rx Return Systems

  • Rx Systems

  • ScriptCycle

  • ScriptDrop

  • Scripted

  • Seqirus

  • Sharps

  • SupplyLogix

  • Surecost

  • The Compliance Team

  • TopRx

  • UgoRx

  • UniWeb

  • VaxServe

Vendor Spotlight
An industry leader in track and trace technology for your pharmacy. Their all cloud-based system provides maximum compliance protection over all supply chain data. Learn more about a special FDA update here, or contact the VMC pharmacy team to get started. 
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