Comprehensive & Competitive
The VMC Pharmacy Program enables retailer pharmacies to improve their positions in a competitive marketplace with an extensive offering of exceptional services and comprehensive programs.
  • Over $48,492,958 in Rebates Returned to VMC Retailer Pharmacies Annually

  • NO Generic Compliance Ratio's (GCRs)

  • Over $6 Billion Leveraged Collective Buying Power Across Consortium

  • Dedicated Support Staff

  • Independent Pharmacy Advocates

  • Industry Trend Information

  • Participating Sponsors of NCPA, APhA, NACDS, Capitol Hill Fly-Ins, & State Pharmacy Associations

Customized Reporting & Financial Resources
The VMC Pharmacy Program provides financial resources by utilizing a number of customized reports.
  • Rebate Accrual Template

  • Target Inventory Template

  • Handling Fee Report

  • Override Report

  • Weekly Purchases Report

  • Returns Assessment Report

Preferred Vendor Programs
The VMC Pharmacy Program has collaborated with the below companies to help our retailers thrive in the healthcare world. 
  • Amplicare

  • Anda

  • APMS

  • Arete

  • Ashgrove Marketing

  • AWG Store Engineering

  • Azova

  • Digital Pharmacist

  • eRx Network

  • E-Health

  • Facts & Comparisons

  • GRX Marketing

  • Health Mart Atlas

  • InfiniTrak

  • Inmar Reconciliation

  • Inmar Returns

  • KeepRx

  • L&T Health Systems

  • MarkeTouch Media

  • Medical Screening Services

  • Mesmerize

  • Methcheck

  • National Health Systems

  • Omnicell

  • Omnisys Profit Max

  • PDR by Connective Rx

  • Pharmacy Profiles

  • Pharmacists Letter

  • Physician 360

  • Prescribe Medicare

  • Provider Pay

  • Provider Science

  • PRS

  • QK Healthcare

  • Relay Health

  • Rx Systems

  • RxTran

  • ScriptCycle

  • Sharps

  • SupplyLogix

  • VaxServe

Vendor Spotlight
An industry leader in track and trace technology for your pharmacy. Their all cloud-based system provides maximum compliance protection over all supply chain data. Learn more about a special FDA update here, or contact the VMC pharmacy team to get started.